Woman Loses Arms After Family Pitbulls Attack Her

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    When Linda Henry (pictured) of Westwego, La., was viciously attacked by three of her four pitbulls last March, the attack left her without an eye, ear and armless.

    Bitten throughout her torso, the dogs’ bites were so deep that parts of the 54-year-old woman’s bones from her arms and legs were exposed.

    Henry recounted to WGNO the horrific incident by the dogs, whom she and her common-law husband, Clarence Allen, loved and treated like their children. “They grab my left leg and rip all that up. Then they tried to get my eye ball out,” Henry said. “They ripped my eye lids off, they bit my lip, then they grabbed my head. In the hospital, they had to take skin off my leg to put on my head.”

    The brutality of the incident motivated one Westwego City Councilman to propose a pitbull ordinance that would place strict restrictions on the owners of these dogs. When news of the proposed ordinance leaked, a firestorm followed and pitbull owners across the country are up in arms, according to WGNO. Many are even trying to make moves to block the legislation by petitioning it online.

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