COMMENTARY: NY Jets Star Vows to Be Better Father to 12 Children By Eight Women

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  • “We know that too many young men in our community continue to make bad choices. Growing up, I made quite a few myself. Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down. I had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing.”– President Barack Obama

    I hope Antonio Cromartie is serious about getting his life together. His kids need a reliable father.

    Cromartie, a cornerback for the New York Jets, has 12 children by eight different women and now admits that he blew through $5 million in two years, much of it spent on cars and jewelry. He’s got so many kids that he struggled to remember the names of all of his children on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” back in 2010.

    “I was out of control,” Cromartie told reporters. “I had two Dodge Chargers, probably spent $100,000 just fixing them up. I had a ’65 Caprice, which I spent $100,000 on. I had two BMWs, two Escalades. I remember [former Chargers teammate] Quentin Jammer used to tell me to slow down, but I couldn’t do it. I just loved spending money.”

    But today, Cromartie, 32, says he’s a changed man. He just signed a 4-year $32 million deal, drives a Toyota Prius, and paid up his back child support with a $500,000 advance from the Jets.

    “I’ll fill it up every 2 1/2 weeks or so, and I’m only spending 33 bucks, while everybody else is spending 80 or 90 bucks a tank,” he said. “Right now, I’m all about saving money . . . I try to put away as much money as I possibly can and live on a budget. I learned the hard way.”

    Some folks are still criticizing Cromartie, but I commend him for recognizing his past mistakes, taking charge of his life, and moving forward. Cromartie says he doesn’t want to end up like so many other black athletes — broke and unable to earn a living after sports.

    According to Newsday, Cromartie received help from a financial adviser to set up a program where Cromartie’s salary goes to his financial adviser’s office, and his financial adviser pays all the bills and puts money into Cromartie’s investments, all the while providing Cromartie with monthly reports to show where the money goes.

    “The arrangement includes monthly child support payments for each of Cromartie’s children, all of whom will be provided for through college. Cromartie remains active in the lives of all his children and he sees them regularly,” Newsday reported.

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    13 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: NY Jets Star Vows to Be Better Father to 12 Children By Eight Women

    1. Boy still a dumb ass boy not a man a real Black man you got a long way to go get back to me in ten years tell me how your kid’s are doing then for now you still a boy!

    2. Another one with a brain small enough to fit inside a dickhead. How the hell do you find enough time to fulfill professional obligations and give equal quality time to 12 children? Never mind dealing with baby mamma drama x 8. And as for the baby factories, we know their motivation.

    3. he can sell those cars that will buy a lot of food clothing college tuition…as for the women why do too many choose careers as “professional baby mamas”

    4. Good for him at the very least someone even if was the Jet’s organization made him see the error he was making and also made him “man up” and do the right thing. I hope he can be a good father to all 12 children they will need him I am sure. As for these women I am SMH. He too has showed himself to be completly irresponsible

    5. Good for him, at least he didn’t wait until he was broke and unemployed before changing his life. And @ Chris 40, you’re right, what about the women, he didn’t get them by himself and a couple of them went back for seconds.

    6. It’s good that Antonio is getting himself straight. What about those 8 women that laid up wit the dude. Hopefully, those women can learn something from this and get themselves straight tool.

      • FYI- He had no choice it was stated in his contract what he had to do. That was the only way he would receive the 500,000 advance payment from the Jets. If he adheres to his obligation he makes the most of his money on the back-end of his contract. So yes good for him he’s making the change but hopefully after 4 years he will still be on the right path. Time will tell after his career is over.

    7. another example of a black man being, irresponsible, 12 kids 8 women, sad, u can’t spend quality time with that many kids, feel sorry for the kids, just makes the rest of us look bad. spoken by another black man.

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