Sybil Wilkes with the News Headlines

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    Sybil Wilkes discusses today’s news headlines including the latest on the sad story coming out of Houston after four firefighters were killed in a motel blaze.


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    One thought on “Sybil Wilkes with the News Headlines

    1. Ms. Wilkes, Tom or anybody that I can their attention. Check out Simmons College in Louisville KY. Dr. Kevin Cosby has brought this HCBU back from the brink of death. Ms. Wilkes, I am not telling you how to do your job but this story is inspiring and is happening right now. Check out how the president of Simmons is offering young black men scholarships, plucking them off the streets and giving them a second chance!!

      Sorry if this is not the correct way to contact you directly but I couldn’t figure out an email address for you guys and i’m in graduate school! Shut up Jay. lol

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