Keandre Varner: Student Suspended After Posting Principal’s Mugshot To Instagram

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“And she was like, ‘You said I got arrested for DUI.’ And I was like, ‘I think you got arrested for DUI,’” he claimed.

Varner also said Miller-Brown threatened him with arrest, a charge she denies. He says he didn’t mean her harm in releasing the picture. “I didn’t like, really didn’t intend to defame her character,” he said. “I put it right on Instagram and that was it.”

After Varner’s family complained that four days would cost him finals prep, Miller-Brown decided to truncate the punishment.

“When a student becomes belligerent and disrespectful, we’re all human beings and our knee-jerk reaction is to throw a book at him,” said spokesperson David Waller. “But after having time to think about her decision, she decided that two days would be sufficient.”

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