Drunk Man Gets Tossed Out Of Harlem Church, Fights For His Life In ICU

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After Strother allegedly spewed “I know where I am; I’m in God’s house; f**k you and f**k you,” a scuffle ensued. Strother was shoved out of the church’s doors by a congregant, according to Patterson. Police records indicate that Strother was punched. When he was physically struck, Strother hit the pavement, head first, which caused him to fall into a state of unconsciousness.

Strother was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in intensive care. He is reportedly unconscious and battling to stay alive. His most recent address on record is a mental health facility in Cleveland. Strother has a lengthy rap sheet backing to the late eighties, including convictions of robbery, kidnpapping and felonious assault.

The question remains, was it “Christian-like” to exercise such bully tactics on a man who was visiting the house of God?

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