4 Charged For Hazing After Va. Freshmen Swept into River

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University spokesman Thomas Reed said Men of Honor was not affiliated with VSU and he could provide no additional information on it. Students are provided with information about sanctioned groups on the campus, he said.

Reed declined to discuss the arrests or the two students accused, citing the investigation. He acknowledged that the school has had problems with hazing in the past and has taken steps to eliminate it.

In April, the president of the student government association was charged with hazing related to an incident off campus in neighboring Petersburg in August 2012.

In 2009, six VSU students and two nonstudents were accused of hazing after another student sought medical treatment for severe bruising. In a plea agreement, the defendants agreed to prepare and present information sessions for students at VSU in exchange for the eventual dismissal of the charges.

The historically black university has about 5,300 students in Ettrick, about 25 miles south of Richmond.

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3 thoughts on “4 Charged For Hazing After Va. Freshmen Swept into River

  1. Stupid azz fraternities…I remember when these idiots tried to recruit me into that BS…Black people go through enough nonsense to be initiated as “Americans”…why should we go through more nonsense..??

  2. I know that I may be in the minority here, but why are these grown ass men not being held responsible for their own bad decisions? How can one party be prosecuted for doing harm to another party, when the other party consented to be a part of the activity, unless the latter were under the age of consent? Would I be prosecuted because a grown ass man got his toes burned off after walking on hot coals after I told him he had to do it if he wanted to be a part of my clique? You can’t be hazed unless you consent to being hazed.

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