CNN’s John King Falsely Calls Boston Bomb Suspect ‘Dark-Skinned Male’

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“Dark-skinned male?” Rev. Sharpton asked on his MSNBC Show “Politics Nation.” “Coded, offensive language.  These comments are very offensive. They have no place in our discourse.”

“What King’s words did is to make every dark-skinned male in Boston a suspect, and that’s shameful,” Sharpton added.

Sharpton is right.

The investigation is ongoing and the situation in Boston is tense and what Boston doesn’t need right now are journalists making racial assumptions and adding to an already stressful situation.

Earlier this week, a plane from Boston headed to Chicago was brought back to the gate at Logan Airport, after some passengers — who also participated in the marathon — expressed concern over two men, who were apparently not sitting next to each, were speaking in Arabic. The men were escorted off the plane.

And now, King is pointing the finger at men of color.

“Disturbing that it’s OK for TV to ID a Boston bombing suspect only as ‘a dark-skinned individual,’ ” PBS anchor Gwen Ifill tweeted about King.

Meanwhile, The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) said King’s reporting was “offensive.”

“There have been various reports identifying a potential suspect as “a dark-skinned individual,” NABJ said in a statement. “This terminology is not only offensive, but also offers an incomplete picture of relevant facts about the potential person of interest’s identity. When conveying information for the public good, and which can help law enforcement with the help of a vigilant public to keep the country safe, it’s important that such facts be put into proper context.”

Let’s hope John King gets the message and thinks before he injects “dark-skinned male” into his reporting.

(Photo: AP)

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10 thoughts on “CNN’s John King Falsely Calls Boston Bomb Suspect ‘Dark-Skinned Male’

  1. John King is basically a joke. Since Newt Handed him his butt doing the debate He has lost all kinds Of credibility.

  2. John King is a disgrace to CNN. I had chills yesterday when he said it and cited a reliable source. The conversation wasn’t about the culprits race or origin and from nowhere, he started talking about a black male as the perpetrator. It could have been anybody but he’s emphasis shows how biased and racist he is. If you not black, you don’t know how it feels to be black.

  3. Ella, the large majority of white people (including you) will never, ever get it when a person of color has been targeted. If you have never stood in those shoes and experienced that feeling, you should probably keep your opinions to yourself. It shows a lack of knowledge and an abundance of ignorance.

  4. Well commentators on MesNBC were hoping the bomber was an “old white guy”
    turns out they appear to be young Chechnyan’s possibly white Muslims

  5. So if the suspect wAs a “white male” should all the white people be offended? Are you people kidding me! You are all racists. You should all apologize for bringing in race in ever single issue!

  6. John King needs to make a public apology to every dark skinned male who he made an instant target for possible retribution for something they had no part in. I am finally finished with CNN. They are in the same league as FOX.

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