Man Jailed as Slain DA Investigation Continues

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Though Williams was caught on surveillance video with the monitors, he argued he needed them to work on a county project and his attorneys portrayed him as an occasionally bumbling figure with good intentions.

“Look at the man on the video,” Sergi said, according to a trial transcript. “Look at his eyes. He’s not hiding anything. He doesn’t know why he’s here. He’s befuddled.”

But Hasse and McLelland both spoke harshly of his character and dismissed his explanation.

“He’s an elected public servant who is just a flat-out thief and burglar and needs to be removed from office and convicted of being a thief and a burglar, (because) that’s exactly what he is, with quality evidence of him doing it on video,” Hasse said.

McLelland described the case as an example of “the fox watching the henhouse.”

Hasse alluded to several threatening statements Williams had allegedly made, including one to Janice Gray, an ex-girlfriend. Gray testified before Williams was sentenced about her first time seeing him at a conference after they broke up. After she turned down his invitation to go out to eat, he told her “he had something he wanted to give my son,” Gray testified.

“And then he showed me a gun he had and said he had gotten this new gun,” Gray said.

The next night, Gray said she was at a sports bar with some friends when he showed up, uninvited.

“He told me he had a gun in his bag, and if I turned around and walked away, he wouldn’t — he would use it ’cause he didn’t have anything to lose,” Gray said. She called police, who guarded her hotel room that night.

The deaths of McClelland and Hasse were two of several recent high-profile law enforcement killings, including the shooting earlier this month of a southern West Virginia sheriff and the March slaying of Colorado’s prison chief.

(Photo: AP)

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