Paul: GOP Faces ‘Daunting Task’ With Black Voters

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Paul faced questions during his 2010 Senate campaign when he expressed misgivings about how the Civil Rights Act bans racial discrimination by private businesses. Asked about his position on the 1964 legislation, passed under the presidency of Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, Paul told the students he had never opposed the Civil Rights Act.

He argued that many Democrats had opposed civil rights in the South during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt but many black voters became impatient with Republicans in the years that followed over economic policies. He said Democrats offer “unlimited federal assistance” and policies that put “food on the table but too often, I think, don’t lead to jobs and meaningful success.”

Paul said using taxes to “punish the rich” hurts everyone in the economy, along with more regulations and higher debt. “Big government is not a friend of African-Americans,” he said.

Many students said they didn’t agree with Paul on many issues but gave him credit for speaking to them. “It could be very intimidating. You’re sitting in a room with people who don’t support you for the most part so I do give him credit for coming,” said Tasia Hawkins, an 18-year-old freshman from New York.

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6 thoughts on “Paul: GOP Faces ‘Daunting Task’ With Black Voters

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  2. The bottom line is that most blacks will never leave the plantation. Republicans should concentrate their efforts on white males and economically liberated individuals in the black and Hispanic communities. We do not need more programs of set-asides for things black people haven’t earned and free hand-outs.

    It seems fairness is not what blacks want today, they want preferential treatment in everything from college admissions and financial aid to government contracts. It is black people that forgot Dr. Martin Luther King’s message. And hand outs do not look good on you!

    • If you are not a white person that is well off.I think you are kind of sick. And no matter what or who you are. I will Pray For You!!!

    • The white middle class was built off government handouts. Learn your history before spouting ignorance. I would advise you to study and research Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s message and not just one line from one speech.

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