Give Your Heart Some Love, Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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In February, the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) and the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) launched the Arrest the Risk program, working with health care providers and black leaders in Atlanta; Chicago; Dallas; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Jackson, Miss.; Nashville, Tenn.; Detroit; New Orleans; and Oakland, Calif., cities with high at-risk populations for SCA.

The HRS also has developed an SCA risk assessment tool, available at, which allows patients to ask self-reflective questions about personal and family health issues, as well as start a dialogue with a physician about SCA risks.

“Lack of knowledge and access to appropriate treatment are two of the biggest factors leading to the deadly impact of SCA among African Americans. When it comes to SCA, early intervention can literally save lives,” Thomas said in a statement announcing the campaign.

“It’s critical to talk to your doctor about SCA risk factors including your family’s heart health history.

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