Zippers Are The Leading Cause Of Penile Injuries

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The researchers also found that zipper-related injuries rarely involved other genital organs. The second most commonly zipper-damaged organ was the scrotum, but it was only less than 1 percent cases.

Not surprisingly, zipper-related injuries were extremely rare in women. There were only five cases.

Just the sound of getting caught up in zipper can make one cringe, so luckily the UCSP researchers recommended some advice.

They said parents should not put their son into zippered trousers until they are confident that their child has the dexterity and focus to avoid an injury. They also suggest men wear form-fitting underwear to protect themselves, well their penis, from the zipper.

It looks like men may want to trade those boxers for briefs to keep everything in order down under.

The study was published last week in the urology journal BJU International.

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