Report: Michael Jordan Paternity Case Dismissed

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  • Just like that, the Michael Jordan paternity case is history.

    Yes, we know. You’re so not surprised just like us. But what happened to make it thus, you ask?

    Pamela Smith has filed legal documents in Georgia asking the judge to dismiss her case against Jordan. Her request was granted without prejudice (meaning she can refile at a later time if she wants to), according to TMZ.

    It’s unclear why Pamela wanted the case dismissed — considering she had recently asked the court to order a DNA test ASAP.

    It’s possible MJ and Pamela reached some sort of settlement … or agreed to halt legal action while they try to work things out. It’s also possible she simply decided to walk away thinking she would lose in court. We simply don’t know.

    The bottom line is that Michael Jordan has succeeded in taking the situation out of the public eye … at least for the time being.

    Now he can get married in peace

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    One thought on “Report: Michael Jordan Paternity Case Dismissed

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