Violence Will End When We Start Getting Mad at the Right People

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  • Bigger Thomas is back, and he’s nastier than ever.

    Actually, Bigger never went anywhere. It’s just that, from time to time, his real-world manifestations go way over the line.

    Take, for instance, those three Bigger Thomases that stripped and whipped that poor brother in Newark, N.J. last summer. For purposes of this account, I’ll call them Bigger One, Bigger Two and Bigger Three.

    All three have been arrested and charged; their names have been given in news reports. But there is still that matter of the presumption of innocence, even though these morons didn’t help their cause any by video recording what they did.

    On July 30, according to police and news reports, Bigger One was released from prison after serving 18 months. He was in for eluding police, drug distribution and illegal weapons possession.

    Some time in August Bigger One hooked up with Bigger Two and Bigger Three. They cornered a 21-year-old Newark man in an alley and forced him to strip naked.

    Then Bigger One took a belt and, for a period of 90 seconds, beat the victim like the poor man was a field slave. Bigger One had the victim shout, “Doggy Dawg” and “it’s a Doggy Dawg world” during the beating.

    Either Bigger Two or Bigger Three recorded this atrocity. It wasn’t until this month that somebody posted it on YouTube and

    Newark cops soon got wind of the video. So did Newark Mayor Corey Booker, who was absolutely livid about what he saw.

    Booker’s also fuming because, for the past six months, there have been Newark residents that knew this incident took place, knew who the perpetrators were and didn’t alert authorities.

    So for six months these three Bigger Thomases – named for the menacing, murdering black thug in Richard Wright’s classic novel “Native Son” – roamed Newark’s streets, free to harm more black residents.

    A while back, I wrote that black America’s obsession with ferreting out the Uncle Toms among us allowed the Bigger Thomases among us to terrorize us at will.

    We revile our Uncle Toms; we seem to love our Bigger Thomases. That love is unrequited. Our Bigger Thomases do NOT love us.

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