Teacher Who Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Student, Pregnant With His Child

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  • Kelly Watson, a former special education teacher who admitted to having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student is pregnant with his child.

    The 35-year-old teacher met the student at the New Haven Youth & Family Services, a residential and educational facility that treats boys ages 8 to 17 who have “emotional and behavioral challenges.”

    On Wednesday Watson was sentenced to three years probation for sexually assaulting the student and one year in jail.

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    4 thoughts on “Teacher Who Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Student, Pregnant With His Child

    1. This isn’t a racial thing. There’ve been several high profile instances of white on white underage cases like this & the women got a slap on wrist. But if a MAN does this to an underage girl he’s a perv, pedophile, registered sex offender, & vilified. Seems there’s an underlying male attitude that the young boys “got lucky with the teacher” .,,,a young boy’s fantasy fulfilled..so it’s not so bad. WRONG😡! ADULTS SHOULD NOT MESS WITH KIDS & both men & women doing this should be locked up !!!

    2. Why is she not in jail ? If that was a man he would be under the jail and forevery, you all give these white women passes and that is a crime shame and let it be a young Black Man and the student is 17 and he is in his twenty he would be in jail and life messe up but that is the White justice system for you.

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