Does ‘Betty and Coretta’ Slander Minister Louis Farrakhan?

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Contributing to the climate of hatred is all Farrakhan has owned up to, and is probably all that he is guilty of.

From March 1964 – when Malcolm announced his break with the Nation of Islam – until his assassination, there were parties within the NOI that no doubt ordered and/or plotted his death.

All those parties were in Chicago; Farrakhan split his time as minister of various East Coast NOI mosques at the time.

Oh, but this tale, as the saying goes, gets better and better.

One of those parties in Chicago was none other than an FBI informant. According to Karl Evanzz – author of “The Judas Factor: The Plot To Kill Malcolm X” and “The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad” – by January of 1968, that informant had risen to the third most powerful position in the NOI, behind Elijah Muhammad and his son Herbert.

“According to the FBI,” Evanzz wrote in “The Judas Factor,” “Herbert was the only obstacle in the way of its high-level informant from taking over the Nation of Islam.”

And if said informant, in 1964 and 1965, was involved in either planning or ordering the assassination of Malcolm X, then the entire matter of who’s to blame for Malcolm’s death changes, doesn’t it?

It seems to me that Louis Farrakhan wasn’t behind the assassination of Malcolm X, a charge repeated throughout “Betty and Coretta.” It seems to me that the informant Evanzz mentioned in his book – and the FBI – most certainly ARE the ones behind the assassination of Malcolm X.

This matter can easily be cleared up. All the information about the rift between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X – which the FBI took credit for – the informant and the assassination can be found in the COINTELPRO files.

The release of those files – with not one page redacted – will tell us all the ugly details of who did what, when he did it and why.

But our president – that would be one Barack Obama – has yet to tell his attorney general to order the FBI to release all the COINTELPRO files, unredacted.

What are you waiting for, Mr. President?

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9 thoughts on “Does ‘Betty and Coretta’ Slander Minister Louis Farrakhan?

  1. It is time for those COINTELPRO to be released without names, dates and places being blacked with a magic marker. I believe the community is capable of handling the truth. This would be a good legacy for President Barak Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. If not, then after 2016 the gang plank goes up, then nothing will be known until the Rapture takes place.

  2. The honorable Elijah Muhammad(THEM) gave to Malcolm and to all of his followers the power to prevent what happened to Malcolm from ever occurring. The pre- meeting search of the people entering the meeting hall to prevent weapons from entering the gatherings with potential peacebreakers. If Malcolm had remained true to this piece of knowledge he learned from his teacher, the manner in which he was assassinated could not have happend

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  5. To the author,
    You seem awfully offended over nothing. Please remember this story was being told from the prospective of these two woman. It was to reflect not so much the opinions or views of their husbands but their lives after their husbands’ death and the relationship they shared. How could the producers or Lifetime not address the well documented feelings of one of the main characters. Everyone knew how Malcolm’s family felt about Farrakhan. I wasn’t even born when he was assassinated and i knew well before this movie. I think you are doing more to promote this long dead theory than the movie did. I think most people recognize it for what it was. Betty’s personal feeling as to the death of her husband just as it addressed Corretta’s feelings about her own husband. Betty’s was more detailed, i feel, because of the affect she felt her stating her opinion had on her children. Let us bare in mind that there may be points to this story that she knew intimately that we may not. Either way……it was wonderful to watch a story being told of these iconic woman without them being in the shadows of their brave husbands.

  6. Peace…I wold suggest to you all that you go and read Louis Lomax’s book To Kill A Black Man. In the book Malcolm X is quoted saying that he was going to publicly announce to the audience in attendance at the Audubon Ballroom what he had mentioned to others privately. What he told others was that he had rushed to a hasty decision in his blaming of the Black Muslims for trying to kill him. Malcolm said he began to realize that there was a bigger power at work.

    Also the statement that is quoted in this article is incorrect “Malcolm is worthy of death.” A journalist quoted this statement and placed a ” . ” after death and cut off the remainder of the statement which has Minister Farrakhan stating that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned people to leave Malcolm alone.

  7. FYI, Malcolm said in his autobiography that the NOI was going to kill him. I personally after reading the book came to the conclusion that the FBI was aware of the assassination attempt and possibly could have prevented it but didn’t. Lewis Farrakhan hasn’t come out I would say to not blow this matter up again. At this point and time in society if there is any evidence out there that him or the FBI did this it would be found. So why not keep quit about it?

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