Iowa Man, Sister Reunite Thanks to a Boy’s Facebook Search

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  • DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man and his sister have reunited 65 years after being separated in foster care thanks to a 7-year-old friend’s Facebook search.

    Clifford Boyson of Davenport met his sibling, Betty Billadeau, in person Saturday. Billadeau drove up from her home in Florissant, Mo., with her daughter and granddaughter for the reunion at a hotel in Davenport.

    Boyson, 66, and Billadeau, 70, both tried to find each other for years without success. They were placed in different foster homes in Chicago when they were children.

    Then 7-year-old Eddie Hanzelin, who is the son of Boyson’s landlord, got involved.

    Eddie managed to find Billadeau by searching his mom’s Facebook account with Billadeau’s maiden name. He recognized the family resemblance when he saw her picture.

    “Oh, my God,” Boyson said when he saw and hugged Billadeau.

    “You do have a sister,” Billadeau said.

    “You’re about the same height Mom was,” Boyson said.

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    One thought on “Iowa Man, Sister Reunite Thanks to a Boy’s Facebook Search

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