National Geographic’s ‘Wild Wives Of Africa’: Racist Or Creative? [VIDEO]

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And it goes without saying that the title ‘Wild Wives Of Africa’ is meant to conjure up images of wild, Black women behaving like animals over men and love. It is meant to be Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives and Love & Hip-Hop — in the African jungle.

But is it racist?

I would say yes, but I completely own the fact that I may be reaching. I also own the fact that they would never create a show titled “Wild Wives of Europe,” because, for them, that doesn’t call to mind the image of unrestrained hyenas screeching at each other in Louboutins. European women are to be handled with respect, according to conventional norms and mores, and that means no subliminal comparisons to chimpanzees rolling over and giving up the goods to the first male that crosses her path — even if it’s supposed to be cute and creative.

The title of this show plays directly into the historical stereotypes of Black women as hyper-sexed and sub-human — and I find it…disturbing, to say the least.

Let me know what you think. Racist or a creative spin-off?

Weigh in!


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