Fiscal Cliff is Devastating for Blacks

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  • The Obama administration released a report that explains how the so-called “fiscal cliff” impacts African Americans at a time when so many black families are struggling to make ends meet.

    The report highlights the number of middle class families impacted by a tax increase on Jan. 1, including the number of African Americans that could lose their tax credits for children, college and small business.

    It’s significant information to share since there are many black Americans who don’t fully understand details about the fiscal cliff simply because it hasn’t been broken down specifically for African Americans.

    It’s not entertaining, but it is important.

    The administration says in addition to the report, the White House is also hosting several African American groups and leaders at the White House to discuss how the fiscal cliff would adversely affect  African American families around the country.

    President Barack Obama met with several civil rights organizations including Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, and the National Urban League.

    The administration’s efforts comes as Congress is wrestling with the “fiscal cliff” — mandatory cuts to domestic and military spending of $1.2 trillion over 10 years that begin in January unless Congress reaches a deal.

    “I believe America only thrives when we have a strong and growing middle class. And I believe we’re at our best when everybody who works hard has a chance to get ahead. That’s what I believe,” Obama said this week. “I believe both parties can — and will — work together in the coming weeks to get that done. We know how that gets done. We’re going to have to raise a little more revenue. We’ve got to cut out spending we don’t need”

    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also conducted several interviews with national African American radio hosts, including Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Warren Ballentine, Yolanda Adams and Michael Baisden.

    “I want to send a very clear message to people here,” Obama said. “If Congress in any way suggests that they’re going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default once again as part of a budget negotiation — which, by the way, we had never done in our history until we did it last year — I will not play that game.  Because we’ve got to break that habit before it starts.”

    The White House says it plans to engage the public on the fiscal cliff, especially with African Americans, and provide examples of how black families could suffer financially.

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    9 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff is Devastating for Blacks

    1. Excuse me Mr. President black people are already in a FISCAL CLIFF or definitely near the bottom!. Mr President: Black people will survive with you or without your assistance. Do you think that 18% or more unemployment is fun or having your net worth wiped out due to the failure of the financial markets or housing crisis! If we must go over the fiscal cliff in order for people to feel what BLACK PEOPLE feel everyday — ROLL TIDE!

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    4. Who saw the whole what is black in america stuff. Did you see those white people that are trying to be black. The world has turned around. Now all whites want to be black. And I am not worried about this cliff. Our president will not leave us. He will stand with us. He will make the whites suffer this time.

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    7. With Black unemployment above 13%, why is Obama focusing on deficit reduction?? if you solve the jobs problem, you solve the deficit problem. We lose when a “democratic” president kowtows to right wing economic dogma. Can’t wait to read this blog after Obama deals away the safety net….

    8. Everything bad affects us the most….I don’t seem to understand this….We are always the ones with the life threatening diseases, we are always the ones to lose out first…..Some needs to tell me why we make the less money, have the highest interest rates, and live in the worst communites….I am no longer convinced that we have done this to ourselves…..Tom Joyner, you are going to have to hire me so I can ask these people these questions…..

    9. President Obama is aware of public mandates. The president is running the rats out of the bilges. Republicans have no choice but to respond favorably to public demands. This so-called inept Chi-town community organizer will dribble the ball until he gets his best shot – an uncontested lay-up.

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