Byron Allen Launches Legal-Themed Digital Cable Network

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“We’re serious about building networks that can be driven just with advertising support,” said Allen. “This is similar to what we do in syndication, where shows are just advertising supported.”

Among the court shows, Judge Ross, launched three years ago, is the highest-rated in syndication with a season to date average of a .8 in total households. It is cleared in about 80 percent of the U.S.

Entertainment Studios’ other networks include Cars.TV, Comedy.TV and Pets.TV. Allen, who has grown from his roots as a comic into an entrepreneur, currently produces 32 shows for syndication and digital distribution. Allen wholly owns the privately held company.

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3 thoughts on “Byron Allen Launches Legal-Themed Digital Cable Network

  1. “America’s Court With Judge Ross”??? He’s not even a judge anymore!

    “Judge” Kevin Ross was fired from his judgeship in California, and DISBARRED by the State of California. Why does he have a show now as a “Judge”?

    All true. Look it up. LA Times did story on this (Nov. 17, 2005). Many people’s rights (including due process rights) were violated by this “judge” when appearing in his courtroom. He abused so many people, that karma finally caught up with him. The Commission on Judicial Performance (California’s governing body over Judges in the State) revoked Kevin Ross’ judgeship in Los Angeles, and the State Bar of California disbarred this guy from ever practicing law again in this State.

    And now he has a show? Ridiculous.

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