Morning Minute: Why is Queen Latifah the Black Ellen?

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  • Chris Paul tells us why Queen Latifah is the black Ellen Degeneres, and it  just might surprise you. Plus, more on Rihanna’s expensive CD and a drunken duck saving woman.

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    11 thoughts on “Morning Minute: Why is Queen Latifah the Black Ellen?

    1. White people have heard of and are familiar with Ellen Degeneres. They aren’t familar with Queen Latifah nor have they heard of her. I am speaking of upper crust whites. It annoys me to no end how a black person has to be equated to someone white for them to get the point or connection. Malcolm X was once titled the black Billy Graham. Yet I have never seen a white Malcolm or a white Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. either. Frankly Ellen Degeneres as a comic doesn’t float my boat. Her daytime show is not my cup of tea.

    2. @new – every gay person doesn’t “come out” they just live their life like straight ones do. That could be what she’s doing. Who knows.

      She’s been spotted on out on a yacht with Jeanette Jenkins being very close.

      I have a gay cousin who’s never been in the closet. He just did his thang. We figured it out eventually. There was no meeting or discussion.

      Do all straight people tell you they are straight or do they just live and you see where they stand?

    3. Why doesn’t she come out of the closet I heard of rumors and I’ve never seen her with a man I guess she wants people to keep guessing lol.

    4. I can’t wait for Queen Laftifah’s Talk Show to air. It will be nice having another African American Woman with a Talk Show. I wish The Queen the very best!

    5. Isn’t it because they are both lesbians? That’s where I thought the comparison came from. I guess she could’ve said Wanda Sikes but Ellen is more popular and has more grip.

    6. Why cant Queen just be the Queen w/ a new talk show? Why are we comparing her to Ellen who is NOT the first caucasian women to have a successful talk show and Queen is certainly not the first nor last Black woman to have a great show either. So sick of these b/w comparisons….ugh

    7. YES!! I’ll take it a step further and say Queen is more talented than Ellen. Ellen is just a comedian who is a lesbian. Queen is a rapper, singer, actress on TV, film AND stage. She has accomplished and done waaay more than Ellen. I can’t think of anyone to “compare” Queen to. I guess she is just in a class all by herself. I love me some queen!! LOL

    8. I am happy for Queen Latifah. I am sure she will do well with her new talk show. I wish her all the success in the world. I am looking forward to recording that in the near future.

    9. Queen Latifah is not a Black Ellen. WHY? Because Queen is a beautiful full-figured Black woman, while Ellen is just plain skinny.

    10. Why is it that Black People aleays compare themselves to their former White Masters ?
      The only common thing with Ellen Degenerate is that they both are Leasbian Degenerrates, other wise Latifah is unique and her own person.
      Black people show pride in your abilty don’t seek White peoples approval

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