Scam Letters Try to Scare Black Voters

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“This type of activity is not only disgusting, it is criminal and must be prosecuted,” he said. “I call on Florida Democrats to join me in condemning this false letter writing campaign that appears to target likely Florida voters and help get the word out about this false campaign.”

Over the weekend, the Rev. Al Sharpton jetted to town to lend his voice to the cause as well as strive to stem the whole Republican movement to suppress the vote.

Largely under Sharpton’s direction, thousands of black, Caribbean and Hispanic state voters headed to the polls as part of the Souls to the Polls Weekend and to mark the official start of state early voting. Joined by the likes of Bishop Victor T. Curry, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert, State Rep. Dwight Bullard and Florida Memorial University President Dr. Henry Lewis, the Operation Lemonade campaign swept through the state.

“We have been handed lemons through a reduced early voting period,” said Bishop Curry. “Our community will make Lemonade out of this tactic to deter voters by mobilizing and voting early.”

In times past, state voters had more than twice the amount of time to cast early votes, travel in mass to the polls and partake in various other voting options as they now do. From state to state, Republican driven legislators have enacted various laws constituted on the express purpose of denying President Barack Obama the same sort of momentum that propelled him to office in 2008.

Unfazed, organizers intimated they plan to target minority, women and young adult voters as enthusiastically as ever before. While many admit all the new legislation and toughened requirements has resulted in them having to work three times as hard over the last two months in registering new voters as they did in 2008, they are confident they can match and perhaps even surpass the record voting numbers of four years ago.

“They may cut the time, but they can’t cut the line,” Sharpton told an overflow crowd of supportive voters during one rally. “You thought you shut us down, you just woke us up. We are not to be denied our right to vote…this election is not just about Obama, it’s about yo’ mama.”

Early voting in Florida goes from Oct. 27 through Nov.3, and Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 6.

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