Real Fathers, Real Men: Michael Smith

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  • Dear Tom,

    My husband Michael is a wonderful father, husband, and role model for our children. We got married five years ago and we now have a total of 6 children.

    Michael was a single father for 12 years before we got married. He raised a son and daughter almost on his own. When i met him he did everything from cooking, grocery shopping, attending parent conferences, and styling his little girl’s hair , all while working a 12 hr. rotating shift job at a recycling plant.

    I was also raising my daughter and my niece, as well as caring for my elderly father.

    Two months after we were married, I was pregnant with a set of twins. I was placed on bed rest during my pregnancy and could not work.  Michael stepped in cooking, cleaning, taking care of me, the kids, and my father without complaint.

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