Taking a page from Floyd Mayweather Jr., Dr. Conrad Murray is begging a judge to release him from L.A. county jail because it’s taking an extreme physical toll on his body, adding if he doesn’t get help soon, he believes he’ll die behind bars.

Unlike Mayweather, Murray is not asking for house arrest. Instead, he wants to be transferred to prison, where he believes he’ll get better care.

Murray’s lawyer tells TMZ, he wants to serve out his time in prison because he’s being mistreated in L.A. county jail, getting fresh air only once a month and fresh underwear only once a week.

TMZ reports that as a result of the alleged deprivation, we’re told Murray’s health is failing, adding that he’s been suffering from a constant headache over the last few weeks. He worries that it might be a brain tumor.

Murray reportedly told his attorney, Valerie Wass, “I may not make it out of here alive. This is a very dangerous place. I’m in here dying. The system is intent on killing me.”


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