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We are no different than they are. There comes a time in every person’s life where we can choose to either venture out into the wild unknown of our dreams or retreat back into the gentle comfort of the world we are familiar with.

Now granted, some people are born risk takers, and others may need some help but whatever makes you take the risk, whether the outcome is good or bad, you are always a better person after said risk has been taken.
Obviously, no one wants to be rejected and no one wants to fail but the important thing to remember is don’t shy away from the challenge – use it. Learn from it and get back out there.

In fact, the real risk is not in putting yourself out there, but in hiding what could ultimately be your gift and contribution to society.

Reverend Shuttlesworth and Steve Jobs probably had no idea the long lasting impact they would have on the world but they saw a need and took the necessary risks to fulfill it.

Now will you?

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