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I was blessed to grow up in a home where my parents were (and are to this day) openly affectionate and always showed mutual respect for each other. Resorting to violence has never been a viable option for me, and I doubt that it will be one for my sons, who have learned from their father and me that hitting girls and women is not acceptable.

But who knows what the girls and women they choose in the future will have learned from their environments? Going upside my sons’ heads may come as naturally to them as breathing. I don’t have daughters, but I hope those of you who do will teach them that getting hit by men is unacceptable, but hitting men is unacceptable as well.

If Tiger’s wife really beat him with a golf club we should be as outraged as we were when we heard about Chris Brown and so should the news media.

I’ve been mad enough at men at various times in my life to strike a man, but I don’t for a lot of reasons. Aside from it being wrong, I’m smart enough to know that usually when you hit a person, they’re inclined to hit you back out of retaliation or reflex. No plans to go down that road.

Sometimes the lessons you learn when you’re in kindergarten hold up. I was taught to just walk away until the waters are calmer, and I suggest you follow that rule and teach it to your children. Better to have that conversation with them now. And trust me, if they’ve seen you hit your man or get hit by him, cuss him out or get cussed out by him or just say hurtful things in the heat of anger, you’re teaching them way more than you know. Plus, you’re creating potential problems for your grown daughters – and my sons if they run into them.

Everyone, of course, doesn’t agree with my “just walk away” policy. If you don’t, is it because of what you were taught? Or do you just believe the only retaliation for some transgressions is a behind-whipping?

I really want to know what you think, so hit me back. And, uh, that’s just a figure of speech!

Nikki Woods is the senior producer of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” She is based in Dallas. Follow her on Twitter at

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