From the Minds of Married Men

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To be direct: It is in order for a man to lead. However, leadership comes with qualifications, not just gender. For women who have taken care of themselves for a long time, which happens to be the case for most single women, regardless of the reasons, she needs a man who can lead her in a way that enhances her quality of life because she already knows what she can do alone.

To be clear, I am not focusing on money, nor were these men. Leadership is also about physical and emotional security. Good communication leads to security; honesty leads to security; friendship leads to security. Wise decisions lead to security. Taking care of business inside and outside of the bedroom leads to security. But how can two come together unless they agree?

You see, regardless of how much money a woman makes, no matter how much stuff she has, the average woman still wants her man to take his rightful place — to fix the stuff, to eat, laugh, pray and work together, to protect and comfort her in the midnight hour. He should simply love her and allow her to love him in such a way where they can both be open, honest and naked with who they really are without judgement.

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