Wiley College

Denzel Washington is revisiting a promise he made in 2007 to the Wiley College debate team. The HBCU, located in Marshall, Texas, recently received the fourth $100,000 installment of the $1 million initially promised by the Washington Family Foundation.

Do you remember The Great Debaters based on the true story of Melvin B. Tolson from Wiley College? Well, the legacy of Wiley College’s debate team still lives on! Wiley College has been given a grant to create an HBCU Speech & Debate League and Christopher Medina the director of Forensics and debate coach at Wiley College is excited […]

Nate Parker is our hero! The actor is having the best year ever and it's only March. After having his upcoming project, "The Birth Of A Nation", sold at Sundance Film Festival for an unprecedented $17 million, Nate is putting a portion of his fortune towards an amazing cause.