One In A Million

In reaction to a viral TikTok video about late beloved R&B singer Aaliyah, longtime friend and affiliate Missy Elliott responded with a revealing funny story behind the classic opener on Baby Girl's 'One In A Million' hit single, "4 Page Letter."

Reactions have been nothing short of supportive for Normani and Cardi B's new song "Wild Side," which samples the 1996 hit "One In A Million" by Aaliyah, and it's even getting a co-sign from Baby Girl's former label head and notoriously quiet uncle, Barry Hankerson.

In her short 7 year career, R&B superstar Aaliyah achieved the heights of fame and popularity – all well-deserved because of the unique talent and energy she brought to everything she did. She was one of those rare prodigies whose artistic skill and talent evolves at a faster rate than others. This was probably because performing was […]

Relative newcomer, Travis Malloy, is quickly making a mark, and his presence felt on the gospel music scene. Travis is an amazing singer/songwriter/producer, who in…