Occupy Wall Street

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is known around the world for its history of violence and brutality, particularly against underserved communities of color.…

Hip Hop business man and mogul Russell Simmons is calling out Jay-Z for refusing to understand the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a letter published in Uptown Magazine, Simmons tries to convince the rapper how powerful and influential he can be to the poor if he supported the Occupy movement. The former Def Jam Records […]

There’s a lot of unrest abroad, at home, dissention in the air. And, of course, over the past week, we’ve been rocked by a number of high profile deaths… civil rights activist and professor, Derrick Bell, civil rights activist and pastor, Fred Shuttlesworth, and technologist Steve Jobs. We’re living in pretty tumultuous times with so […]