Miles Morales returns as Black Spider-Man in a sequel that packs on a lot yet saves room for more.

The life story of a boxing legend who went from fighting to finding his faith is told in the dynamic new biopic 'Big George Foreman.'

Teyana Taylor stuns in 'A Thousand And One' as struggling NYC mom Inez, who goes above and beyond to get her son out of foster care.

Read our review of the highly-anticipated Marvel Studios film 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,' quite easily best movie of 2022.

Since it’s almost Christmas, Oleebo found it fitting to do a review of “Black Christmas.” He admits that initially he thought it was a Tyler Perry movie but it wasn’t. The movie was the third remake of the same movie! A stranger stalks college girls over Christmas break. He says the only issue he had […]

Think back to when you were a child….weren’t things much simpler? Do you remember all of the crazy things you did back then? Well the movie Oleebo reviews this week is all about crazy kids, it’s called “Good Boys,” but it’s not for kids. “Good Boys” is rated R. It’s about three seventh graders on […]

The name of this movie, The Kitchen, makes Oleebo think it’ll be a Food Network film staring Gordon Ramsey and Rachel Ray. But it’s about wives of New York gangsters. “this movie is very bland” even though Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy are in it. But the good news is if you buy the film […]

The movie Oleebo reviews this week reminds him of himself. He says because he came to America as a little boy with a dream and he made those dreams into a reality, he can relate to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It’s about two actors trying to revive their careers.

Disney’s Aladdin remake brought in $113 million this Memorial Day weekend, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But despite a new, more progressive Princess Jasmine, for one 4-year-old, the plot still has one major issue. “She has to go by herself…Jasmine needs to go see the world by herself, because Aladdin needs to just stay there, and […]

This week Oleebo wanted to review a “family friendly movie that the whole family will love” but he couldn’t find one. So, the “Oleebo Bootleg Choir” sings about how “bad” Aquaman was. Aquaman wasn’t good in the Justice League movie and this one wasn’t any better according to Oleebo. He says it was so boring […]

Since it’s October, Oleebo chose to review a scary movie.  The Oath, seems like Tiffany Haddish’s 112 movie this year! Citizens are asked to sign an oath to the president of the United States over the Thanksgiving holiday with the deadline being Black Friday. During Thanksgiving dinner Federal Agents show up and shake things up! Oleebo […]