Guy has a gripe with people who forget where they are, not those with dementia, but people who go to comedy cubs with a stick up their butts. For example, last weekend Guy performed in Ohio and 4 old white people were cracking up. Until he told a Trump joke, then they got red and […]

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! There are some ways to guarantee your holiday goes well and Guy gives the rundown. For starters, don’t try to do the “Christian thing” and invite folks you fell out with, and pay attention to who’s cooking. Don’t let anyone with hygiene issues cook, suggest they bring something store bought, like ice.

Guy Torry has an issue with people who know “they’re dead wrong” but never admit they’re wrong his brother, Trump and even his mama who loves to blame the Devil. On Monday Guy fell out with Kaepernick for standing up to the NFL and changing the rules of the workout. But he says after his “re-vestivation” […]

Guy thanks his parents for raising him the way that they did. A lot of the lessons they taught him stick with him to this day. For example, his dad always said “put things back where you found them.” Clearly a lot of people never got that lesson. Like shopping carts, please put them back. […]

Guy finds it extremely odd when people ask a question and then get upset about the answer. For example, one of his buddies at the cigar bar asked if Guy thought he drank too much, Guy said “hell yeah.” And his buddy got upset. But, Guy says it’s the truth! The man lost his wife […]

So often people label funerals a “celebration” of life but often times Guy says they don’t feel very celebratory. Yesterday he went to John Witherspoon’s funeral and he said it actually felt like a celebration. The family asked that people not come dressed in black, but wear colors because John was a colorful person. Stories […]

We lost an icon when we lost John Witherspoon. The news of his death hit a lot of people hard, including Guy Torry. The last time he saw Witherspoon was at the primer of “Black God Father,” and he remembers him being in good spirits and laughing. One thing that Torry admired about Witherspoon was […]

Guy uses this time to send an important message to the ladies. If you’re wondering if you’re just a fling to the man you’ve been “seeing,” there are some pretty clear signs. If he only wants to see you late at night, if there are breaks between your “dates,” if he freaks out at the […]

When Guy was in Dallas he tried yoga for the very first time with Sybil at Yogi’s Yoga and had a great time. He felt so good after that experience that he decided to try it again when he got home to LA. But, it wasn’t nearly as great as his experience at Yogi’s. He […]

In October of 1995 Joe, Guy and Joe’s friend/ body guard hit the road in a gold Mercedes. They were headed to Washington, D.C. from L.A. for the Million Man March! So, it was 3 Black guys in a car with two guns (one registered one not), a gallon of weed, and a gallon of […]

Back in the day flip phones were all we had,but now we have all of these smartphones and Guy is over it. All of the apps on our phones drain the battery and stores are able to stalk you. It has become too much. Guy says since the iPhone 11 was released his iPhone X […]

Yesterday when Guy went to get his colonoscopy he arrived early, of course. Once he finally found the office that he was supposed to check in at he was surprised to be greeted with attitude. The woman behind the counter seemed upset that he arrived early and told him that they were closed. Guy didn’t […]