Dylann Roof callously told police that he murdered nine innocent black people in cold blood inside a Charleston, South Carolina church because he wanted to start a race war. Roof is racist, sociopathic, and unapologetic –a chilling combination. He is a self-appointed soldier in his own twisted campaign against African-Americans. While a racist website connected […]

The Carolina Panthers may play in Charlotte, but they represent both their city and North and South Carolina. Therefore it’s not surprising that in the wake of the Emanuel AME shootings, they wanted to do something for their community. Owner Jerry Richardson will donate $10,000 to each family of the 9 shooting victims in the […]

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UPDATE 3:00 PM (AP) — Affidavit: Church gunman’s father, uncle called authorities after seeing surveillance photos. UPDATE 2:00 PM (AP) — $1M bond on weapons charge for church shooting suspect; bond not set on murder charges. UPDATE 1:00 PM (AP) — Woman who was at church tells suspect: ‘Every fiber in my body hurts’; ‘may […]

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BEIJING (AP) — Often the target of U.S. human rights accusations, China wasted little time returning such charges following the shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina that left nine people dead. Elsewhere, the attack renewed perceptions that Americans have too many guns and have yet to overcome racial tensions. Some said the […]

Like many other unspeakable tragedies, we look at icons for some truth to disperse the dark cloud. Nas did some of that following the Charleston…

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KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. (AP) — Debbie Dills thought the black Hyundai next to her at a stoplight looked familiar — it had a South Carolina tag and a white decal on the front. Her heart raced when she saw the driver, the bowlcut-wearing white man who authorities say killed nine people in a black church […]

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LEXINGTON, S.C. (AP) — In recent weeks, Dylann Storm Roof reconnected with a childhood buddy he hadn’t seen in five years and started railing about the Trayvon Martin case, about black people “taking over the world” and about the need for someone to do something about it for the sake of “the white race,” the […]

My friend’s sister, who serves as Secretary at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, walked out of her office about 6 p.m. on Wednesday, just three hours before a white gunman opened fire inside the historic African American house of worship. She was fortunate that she didn’t stay late this time, but nine of […]