Houston Texans fans were shocked and appalled upon hearing this week that the team traded away its top receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, to the Arizona Cardinals. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. Welp, today it was revealed that the three-time All-Pro wideout had a tumultuous relationship with coach Bill O’Brien, and some things were allegedly […]

While being interviewed Wednesday morning on ESPN’s “Get Up!”, Michael Irvin said he spoke to DeAndre Hopkins to get his take on his recent trade from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals. Irvin said that during that conversation Hopkins offered details over a meeting he and O’Brien had while he was a member of […]

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HOUSTON (AP) — Miracle Washington-Tribble didn’t see much hope for her future. At 16 and already a single mother to a baby boy, she wasn’t going to school, had been in numerous fights and lacked ambition to turn her life around. Then in August she was introduced to Eight Million Stories, a Houston program which […]

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We just came across news that will make you rejoice and cry at the same time. You see, NFLer DeAndre Hopkins‘ mother, Sabrina Greenlee, is getting a film made about her inspirational life. Hopkins, the superstar wide receiver of the NFL Houston Texans is telling the universe that he wants the one and only Oprah Winfrey to play his […]