Alpha Phi Alpha is fighting against Florida's controversial policies on race education by moving its 2025 convention out the Sunshine State.

An educators group out of Texas suggested that the word "slavery" be retaught to second graders as "involuntary relocation." 

A Maryland educator hired for a DEI gig in Cherokee County, GA was ousted by anti-CRT parents & then targeted after moving on in Cobb County.

A Black student at Ohio State University recently made a comment that played to the fears of both sides in the debate over Critical Race Theory after expressing that he "full-heartedly" believes that Black people are the superior race.

An English teacher at Greenfield High School in Missouri became a martyr in the ongoing Critical Race Theory debate after she was fired when a parent reported her for teaching CRT by way of a worksheet titled "How Racially Privileged Are You?"

The anti-CRT sentiment has now made its way to Mississippi after Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill into motion that will limit the discussion of race within The Magnolia State's school system.

Rhode Island state Rep. Patricia Morgan recently caused a stir of controversy on the topic of Critical Race Theory with a tweet that started off with "I had a black friend." You can imagine what happened next.


A Tennessee teacher was fired last school year for teaching his students that white privilege is real, not a theory. 

The former National Security Adviser under both Bush presidencies was a guest host on The View Wednesday, and doubled down on the beliefs espoused by proponents of critical race theory during the Hot Topics segment.