Alicia Keys jumped on social media recently to help promote fellow pop queen Janet Jackson's new documentary, but also remind the world of a time when Miss Jackson may have been thinking about getting "nasty" with her.

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Tyrese is smitten. The singer/actor took to social media to profess his fondness of the talented and beautiful Janelle Monae after sitting in her section at a celebration of Stevie Wonder‘s 65th birthday. He took to Instagram to gush about his crush. “#WCW I’m in my grown man feelings tonight! – I hope you get the […]


He’s single and ready to mingle. Terrell Owens revealed to Us Weekly who he’s crushing on. It’s “Jenny from the Block,” Jennifer Lopez! “I think everybody has somewhat of a Hollywood crush, I guess, coming from elsewhere,” Owens said. “Mine is J. Lo,” admitting he wants Lopez’s digits. “I’ve been trying to find her,” the […]

If you had the opportunity to sleep with Denzel Washington do you think your man should give you a pass? Listen to the audio player to hear listeners reveal which celebs they would want a pass with and why! Get “The D.L. Hughley Show” Delivered To You! RELATED: Celebrity Beauties With Dark Skin [PHOTOS] RELATED: […]