Black Moms Matter

When you think about your childhood and then look at your child’s, do you wish you could have had the kind of life they’re living? Sherri would switch with Jeffery if she had the chance! Growing up she was spanked, had to wash dishes and rub her daddy’s bunions. But Jeffery gets to walk red […]

Some things are looked at as strictly for kids, but often times mama enjoys them more than the kids. For example, Sherri drags Jeffery to the arcade because there are lots of single dads there. Kym bought Fortnite for Joshua but she’s been playing it so she can enter the contest next year and hopefully […]

As a parent you’re faced with difficult decisions as your child gets older. One of those decisions is how to handle sex and sexual health. When asked if she would give her son birth control or condoms Sherri says absolutely! Whatever she can do to make sure she doesn’t become a young grandma!

As a child it’s completely normal to crush on an adult, we’ve probably all been there. But, when you’re the parent and your child is crushing on a friend’s parent it could be a little awkward. Sherri’s son currently has a crush on his friend’s mom and she says she’s trying to help him see […]

As your kids get older you have to address that they might be doing the do. Skip Murphy asked what Demetria McKinney did to handle her son “having relations.” She says they’ve always been very close and open with each other so she would ask him straight up, “are you doing it?!” He said no, […]

Sybil is the favorite auntie because when her nieces and nephews are sad and going through heartbreak she pops open a bottle of liquor. But, as a mother it breaks Sherri’s heart to hear her son cry over a girl. She wanted to call the girl and go off but, she’s a child so Sherri […]

Kids are notorious for saying that they’re “bored.” How do you respond to that? Sherri is always able to find something for Jeffery to do, like pay the mortgage, clean the house or help her find a man. Sybil’s dad would have her spell the word bored and have her go clean theĀ  rooms that […]

Kym and Sherri grew up with moms who didn’t play! Kym’s mom told her “I’m not a bank,” and she also tells her son the same thing and adds “I’m not about that life,” when he asks her to send money. Sherri’s mom often said “I’m not your friend,” but she calls her son her […]

The school year is here and that means moms will be doing a lot of back to school shopping! On the shopping list is of course a backpack. Now there’s a new option, bullet proof. Would you buy your child a bullet proof backpack? Kym wants to see more research done on the bags and […]

As a parent you teach your sons not to hit girls. But, if your son gets beat up by a girl because she knows he won’t fight back…will you tell him to hit back. Kym tells her son not to hit girls, unless they talk about his momma, she jokes. But in all seriousness she […]

Cocoa Brown is in for Kym ans Sherri today and she’s dropping parenting gems. She used to spank her son but she says by the time he turned 3 he was too strong for her. The spankings didn’t even hurt him. So, she came up with a new idea…she does “boot camp” style punishments. He […]

Moms, what’s one thing you and you child agreed to keep between the two of you? Sherri Shepherd and her son Jeffrey have some secrets but Kym and Joshua have some juicy secrets! He caught her shaving her lady mustache and beard and knows not to speak a word of it to anyone else! Then […]