Fans of Black Lightning are in for some good news. A spinoff is in the works and it seems like it will continue the Black excellence energy. As spotted on The Grio the hit television program will extend their signature approach to drama and action to a new series on The CW. According to the article the […]

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You know, in the Trump administration, it’s easy to tell you bad news. We’re inundated with it 24/7. The United States, even before Trump was elected, was already full of injustice, but with him in office, all we hear is bad news, non-stop. And I’m going to be frank, my job as a writer and […]

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Critically acclaimed actress and four-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer Jill Scott will turn up the heat as she joins the cast of The CW’s upcoming drama “Black Lightning,” the new series from Warner Bros. Television and based on DC characters, debuting in midseason 2018. Known for her sensual smooth voice, tantalizing lyrics and spoken word poetry, […]