Spotify is launching a new global initiative called Frequency that's primary goal is to celebrate Black art.

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Several Black students at one Louisiana high school made major noise with videos of themselves reacting to their ivy league college acceptance letters.

It was a sensation at Sundance and it heads to a theater near you on October 17. Dear White People looks to be the School Daze of its generation – with a twist – as it focuses on the experiences of Black students at a predominantly white college. Set at fictional Winchester University, the movie […]

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Blink twice if you’re not surprised that a university named after the commander of the Confederate army in the state of Virginia is not necessarily bending over backwards to welcome black students. Nevertheless, a group of these students attending Washington and Lee University is urging administrators to change up their Confederate heritage and the “dishonorable […]

This is something to celebrate! The class of 2018 at Harvard University has already broken records. The ivy league school has accepted a record-high percentage of black students. According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 11.9% are black, the highest ever for the university. The journal estimates that nearly 170 black students will […]

There are many reasons why Black students consider attending a historically Black college or university. Not only do HBCU’s provide an education, they offer Black students a strong sense of their Black culture. Angela Boyd, associate director of university admissions of Hampton University, said in the Tom Joyner Foundation’s How to Prepare for College, “HBCU’s […]

Young adults are often told that their college years will be the best years of their lives. An in-depth report from The New York Times…