African-Americans and money

WHATS GOING ON WITH THE MARKETS THESE DAYS? In the past few weeks, the markets have sent investors on a bumpy ride. Last week, the S&P 500 and the Dow both fell a little over 4 percent. This week they recovered some of the losses. These ups and downs amid otherwise good economic news can […]

While the President likes to tout the strength of the stock market, which, by the way, started long before he took office, the fact remains that most Americans aren’t benefitting from the stock market boom. In fact, only 54% of American adults have investments in stocks, either directly or through a company sponsored retirement plan. […]

  HOW BIG OF A PROBLEM HAVE FINANCIAL SCAMS BECOME? According to a report released by the Federal Trade commission, there were an astounding 1.1 million fraud reports in 2017. Now, of those 1.1 million reports, 21% of those people reported a financial loss. And get this, the aggregate reported loss attributed to those complaints were a […]

Today we are talking about student loans again. Why?  We have known for some time now that American college students and graduates are being swamped in a tsunami of student loans. Now, a new study release by the Brookings Institute last week shows that the number of large-balance student loan borrowers – individuals with over […]

Though the Pew Research Center released a recent study revealing that more and more Americans are renting now, home ownership is still attainable with these tips.

What do we need to know right now about 401(k) loans?  We have seen a significant rise in 401(k) loans in recent years. Loans against retirement accounts have been taking the place of home equity loans because fewer Americans have home equity in the wake of the housing market collapse in 2008. But these loans […]

Why we are talking about the housing recovery.  The broader housing market has been on fire lately. We have seen housing prices in cities across the country rise very rapidly, and in many cases, this trend has made housing unaffordable. Construction has not been able to keep up with demand for houses in numerous zip […]

So, how’s the economy doing these days?  Our latest peek at the state of the U.S. economy came out on Friday, and Commerce Department numbers show the economy expanded at a rate of 2.6 percent in the second quarter of the year. That is a big improvement over the 1.2 percent rate of growth we […]

  Financial expert Jini Thornton wants to see people living their best money life. So she’s open to helping people get better informed about their finances. This week, she answers listener questions about car buying, bankruptcy, and more. Listen below: Follow The Willie Moore Jr. Show on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter! 

  Tom: Today you’re giving us an update on the state of Black entrepreneurship. Mellody: I decided that a good way to close out Black History Month would be to look at the future, and what better way to do that than highlighting those in our community that are striking out on their own to start […]

  Tom: Happy New Year! You are here to talk about some suggestions for resolutions for 2016 that will improve our money management.  Mellody: You’ve got it, Tom. Today I have three tips for our listeners, and if you stick with these, 2016 will be a year of improving finances. Tom: That sounds great! Give […]

Money Mondays special guest host Rob Wilson, in for the vacationing Mellody Hobson, says that you can still choose to buy a gift that is financially savvy, even at the last minute. Gifts For Children One Share Of Stock – Beautiful framed stock certificate from popular companies like Apple, Disney, etc. Gift Cards for […]