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NEW YORK (AP) — NBA teams will no longer be outfitted by Adidas after the 2016-17 season, as the shoemaker and sports gear company said Monday it wouldn’t renew its partnership with the league. The league had already informed Adidas that it was opening the bidding for the next contract, according to a person familiar […]

The sneaker bidding war between Under Armour and Nike came to an end on Sunday when Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant post his choice…

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There may not be a more unfiltered and passionate NBA player than Chicago Bulls standout point guard Derrick Rose. Hailing from the tough Englewood neighborhood, where many young Black men have perished due to gang violence, Rose remains a humble individual despite his lofty achievements. During an Adidas product launch that doubled as an inside […]

Stephanie Robinson  joins TJMS to talk about the concept of black people  hurting their ownselves with actions  we decide to do. Whether it is fighting in clubs like Chris Brown and Drake or purchasing clothes like the shackle shoes even with the underlying racism.

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I was worried about how this would turn out. A designer at Adidas, one who apparently believes quirkiness ought to supersede cultural sensitivity, designed a pair of sneakers – called JS Roundhouse – that feature bright orange shackles that snap around the wearer’s ankle. Shackles. As in slavery. Orange shackles. As in slavery and prison. […]

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Just don’t buy it. Above or beyond that, you hardly need conjure up any additional paraphrased memories or comparisons of the classic, industry gold-standard Nike ad campaign of yesteryear to symbolize just how much heated rival Adidas has missed the mark with its latest blitz. Late Monday, the company still sought to justify the “handcuffs” […]