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1. Hadiyah Mujhid

She is the co-founder of Black Founders, an organization that focuses on increasing the amount of black entrepreneurs and the creator of Playpen Labs.

2. Linda Asong

Linda is the co-founder of Vestracker AB and the co-founder and president of STEMbees.

3. Sheena Allen

Sheena is an app developer and is the creator of Sheena Allen Apps, a company that holds all of her business ventures, including Dubblen, Orange Snap, PicSlit, TwtBooth and Words on Pics.

4. Ashley Nelson Hornstein

Ashley is a former iOS developer at Dropbox and currently works as an engineer at a news start up company Circa.

5. Rachel Walker

Rachel is a teacher at Hackbright Academy, a programming school for women and the creator of Philter, an anonymous employee site review.

6. Tiffani Bell

She is the co-founder of the Detroit Water Project

7. Anne Amuzu

Anne is the co-founder Nandimobile, on the Startup Scene in Ghana.

8. Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Kamala is the CA Attorney General and a Candidate for US Senate.

9. Valeisha Jones

She is the Head of Black Community Engagement for Google and the founder of WEEN Academy.

10. Maci Peterson – Co Founder of ‘On Second Thought’

Accidentally send a text to the wrong person? Maci’s app lets you take them back.

11. Kaya Thomas

She is the creator of We Read Too, which showcases children’s books by authors of color.

12. Candy V. Mitchell, co-creator of Myvanna

Myvanna is an app that will help you find the chemical makeup of your hair so that you can find the products that your hair will respond to.