1. 1. Creflo Dollar was arrested in June after his daughter called 911. His congregation gave him a standing ovation on Sunday.

2. 2. Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada marriage, the abuse and filing for divorce only 42 days later. (Photo: AP)

3. 3. The Jackson Family feud which started with the disappearance of Katherine Jackson. (Photo: AP)

4. 4. Frank Ocean’s open letter about being gay and the support he received from everyone is still making headlines. (Photo: AP)

5. 5. Tameka Foster and Usher’s ongoing custody battle and ending with Usher getting custody of his boys. (Photo: AP)

6. 6. Kim & Kanye certainly stayed in the headlines; their romance as well as will Kim & Beyonce become BFFs. Prolly NOT! (AP)

7. 7. Chris Bosh and his ex Alison Mathis became major news after attorney Jane Carey had words with J. Anthony on the TJMS. AP

8. 8. Juanita Bynum certainly knows how to get back in the media; she admitted to having sex with women. That’ll do it every time.

9. 9. Gabby Douglas captured the hearts of America with her mega-watt smile and winning Gold for the all around in Gymnastics. (AP)

10. 10. Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye on the The Today Show and Al Roker’s (continued) zingers at Matt in her defense. (AP)

11. 11. Mariah Carey accepting a job as judge on American Idol and how much money she is gonna get. (Photo: AP)

12. 12. Nicki Minaj made headlines after news broke that she was being recruited as an AI judge & and Mariah being very angry. (AP)

13. 13. Rihanna’s confession to Oprah that she still loves Chris got folks shaking their heads and tongues wagging. (Photo: AP)

14. 14. Chris Brown and Drake’s fight at WIP nightclub supposedly over Rihanna made headlines and several lawsuits claims. (AP)

15. 15. Lauryn Hill made headlines when her tax problems came to light along with the huge amount owed and possible jail time.

16. 16. Tom & Katie made headlines not for the split but for the (drama-free) and short time span it took to get the divorce.

17. 17. Seal & Heidi’s split appeared to be drama free until Seal made headlines by accusing Heidi of fornicating with the help. Ouch!

18. 18. Prince Harry’s nude photo of him holding the royal jewels in his hands was plastered everywhere. (Photo: AP)

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