1. 1. We ’bout to see if Iyanla’s ‘Fix My Life’ really works. Maia Campbell is scheduled to appear. (EURweb)

2. 2. Wow! Everybody wants to star in a film with Denzel except Budweiser who is seeking to be removed from ‘Flight’ (AP)

3. 3. Beyonce went ‘Geeky-Gangster’ on Instagram while showing support for President Obama. (Instagram)

4. 4. Stacey will not get the present she hoped for: Romney Inaugurated as the POTUS on her birthday in January. (PR)

5. 5. Dwyane Wade’s Tweets about NYC traffic riled up folks, so he wrote a check for $210,000 to go towards Sandy relief efforts.

6. 6. Rihanna & Brown released a tease for their song collaboration ‘Nobodies Business’ this week. (AP)

7. 7. Chad’s ‘jump-off’ Tiffany tried to rile Ev Lozada via Twitter. Glad to report Ev took the high road.

8. 8. R&B Diva’s co-creator Nicci Gilbert has been axed. Reportedly because she has the least amount of fans.

9. 9. Come on, really? Soula Boy accidently uploaded a photo of himself (& his privates) on Tumblr. (AP)

10. 10. Jermaine Jackson or should we say Jacksun. Apparently, he is changing his name for artistic reasons.