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1. 1. The marriage of Kim and Kris lasted on 72 days.

2. 2. The list of sane, capable Repubican candidates is longer than Kim’s marriage.

3. 3. Chaz Bono’s manly are parts are even longer than Kim’s marriage. (AP Photo)

4. 4. Tiki Barber thinks the list of black women he dated is also longer.

5. 5. The list of NFL Teams vying for T.O. is much longer than Kim’s marriage. (AP)

6. 6. The number of military personnel who loved Soulja Boyz Song, ‘Let’s Be Real’

7. 7. The number of people who does NOT know Beyonce is pregnant

8. 8. The line at the theater to see the movie ‘Gigli’starring Ben Afleck and J. Lo

9. 9. The list of Blacks who have won Oscars is longer than Kim’s marriage. (AP)

10. 10. Flavor Flav’s restaurant (open for four months) lasted longer.

11. 11. T.I.’s freedom between prison terms was slightly longer than Kim’s marriage.

12. 12. The number of hours Lindsay Lohan has worked at the morgue.

13. 13. The list of character witnesses who testified for Conrad Murray.

14. 14. The number of invites Herman Cain has to speak at women’s rights groups events

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