1. 1. Christian Keyes is a breathtakingly handsome, 6’3″ model turned actor. All the right stuff for a 007. (PR)

2. 2. Christian Keyes is still breathtakingly handsome with his shirt on. Just sayin! (PR)

3. 3. Idris Elba has all the qualifications for the role: British accent, excellent actor, tall, dark & handsome. (AP)

4. 4. Boris Kodjoe would make a great Bond. A fashion model turned actor and got the swagger & looks to pull it off. (PR)

5. 5. Chiwetel Ejiofor is handsome, has a British accent, numerous acting awards and is a great candidate to play Bond. (PR)

6. 6. Shemar Moore would be a great 007. He makes brandishing a loaded weapon look totally sexy. (PR)

7. 7. Lance Gross has all the qualifications to pull off the role of 007. He is tall, great actor and very easy on the eyes. (PR)

8. 8. Michael Ealy would make a fabulous 007. He looks great in a tux and the love scenes would rival the action scenes. (PR)

9. 9. Jesse Williams can do ANYTHING: model, teach high school and act on stage, film or television. (PR)

10. 10. Taye Diggs would also make a great James Bond. He is very sexy, got swag and is a wonderful actor. (PR)

11. 11. From barbarian to Bond would be an easy transition for Jason Momoa. I can already hear him saying ‘Shaken, not stirred’