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Sybil’s Birthday Shout-Outs


Kenny Smith, 59 (Inside the NBA)

Lester Holt, 65 (NBC News anchor)

Boris Kodjoe, 51

Leon, 62 (Temptations, Five Heartbeats)

Micky Dolenz, 79 (The Monkees)

Kendrick Sampson, 36 (Nathon on Insecure)

Kate Gosselin, 49 (Kate plus 8 reality star)



Alan Hale Jr (The Skipper on Gilligans Island 1921-1990)

Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ March 8, 2024


1. The Cases Against Fani Willis Continue

Legal Concept: Themis is the goddess of justice and the judge's gavel hammer as a symbol of law and order on the background of books Source:Getty

The Cases Against Fani Willis Continue


What You Need to Know:


As Superior Court Judge McAfee continues to deliberate whether to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, another hearing is underway led by Georgia legislators to investigate misconduct allegations against her. A Georgia Senate Committee is listening to testimony to determine whether D.A. Willis misused taxpayer funds and whether the Georgia Senate should amend state laws as the controversy continues to involve the D.A. and her Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. 

CNN reported that Republican chairman of the committee, state Senator William Cowsert, said that the “endgame of the panel is to determine whether there has been improper behavior. Whether it’s been financially irregularities, and whether state laws have been broken.”

2. The Battle For the Soul of North Carolina


The Battle For the Soul of North Carolina




What You Need to Know:


In a highly anticipated showdown, Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein and Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson emerged victorious in North Carolina’s gubernatorial primaries on Tuesday, solidifying their positions as the contenders for the state’s highest office in the upcoming November elections.

The primaries, which saw both candidates fending off multiple party rivals, showcased stark differences in policy and background, promising a fierce and expensive battle come November. Stein, a seasoned figure in North Carolina politics, emphasized his track record of consumer advocacy and garnered support from term-limited Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

3. What is RSV?

Respiratory syncitial viruses, illustration Source:Getty

What is RSV?


What You Need to Know:


Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common viral infection that primarily affects the respiratory system, particularly in infants and young children. RSV can also impact people of all ages, including adults.

It typically causes symptoms similar to the common cold, such as coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, and fever. In more severe cases, especially in infants and older adults or individuals with weakened immune systems, RSV can lead to more serious respiratory issues like bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

RSV is highly contagious and is transmitted through respiratory droplets, making it easily spread in close-contact settings, such as daycare centers and households. (READ MORE)

4. Indiana Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

LGBTQ community colors painted on a brick wall. Source:Getty

Indiana Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Minors




What You Need to Know:


A federal appeals court on Tuesday allowed Indiana’s ban on gender-affirming care to go into effect, removing a temporary injunction a judge issued last year. Senate Bill 480 prohibits medical providers from providing life-saving gender affirming care to individuals under 18. 

U.S. District Court Judge James Patrick Hanson blocked the state from prohibiting access to hormone therapies and puberty blockers, but allowed the law’s prohibition on gender-affirming surgeries to take effect. 

A Republican member of the court who voted for the ban also voted for a bill that would allow children to drop out of school and work full time on farms. 

5. Black Entrepreneur Offers the Sweet Life of Chocolate

Albany Times Union Source:Getty

Black Entrepreneur Offers the Sweet Life of Chocolate




What You Need to Know:


Americans spend an estimated $22 billion on chocolate annually. That’s billion with a “B.” Pure Chocolate by Jinji, a Baltimore-based store, is finding success in this lucrative industry featuring the most popular sweet treat on earth. 

Founder Jinji Fraser loves chocolate. But it wasn’t her love of the confection that sparked the idea for her business. One day in 2012, while working an event as a nutrition consultant, she stepped on a postcard advertising chocolate-making classes. The rest was history. Just a month or so later, she jumped head-first into the chocolate business with her father. 

Beyond the financial success, the chocolatier has discovered something that makes her work even sweeter: her family’s history in the world of chocolate.