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Sybil’s Birthday Shout-Outs

Letitia Wright, 30 (Black Panther)

Willow Smith, 23

James Prince, 58 (Founder of Rapalot, Hip Hop legend)

Randy Jackson, 62 (Jackson 5)

Nick Saban, 72 (Alabama coach)

Vanilla Ice, 56


Bernard Edwards (Producer, songwriter in Chic 1952-1996)

Ethel Waters (Jazz Singer 1896-1977)


Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ October 31, 2023


1. Death Takes No Holiday

Christmas Candles Source:Getty

Death Takes No Holiday


What You Need to Know:


Unlike the movies made under the title, Death Takes a Holiday, the same cannot be said for life in the United States. Mass shootings that took place last Wednesday were the deadliest of the year. That was followed by shootings around the country over the pre-Halloween weekend. According to the database maintained by the Associated Press and USAToday, in partnership with Northeastern University, there have been over 570 mass killings in the U.S. since 2006. The Gun Archive reports that there are now over 36 mass shootings this year alone. 

2. Retailers Sound the Alarm on Theft

Target To Close Stores In Several Cities Due To Theft And Violence Source:Getty

Retailers Sound the Alarm on Theft




What You Need to Know:


Major retailers, including Walgreens and Target, are sounding the alarm on theft and calling for harsher sentences predicated on a new study by the National Retail Federation, which says the 1.4 percent uptick in stolen inventory, or shrinkage, equates to over $100 billion in loss of sales. 


However, analysts suggest that this narrative may divert attention from underlying issues in the industry, including declining demand and mismanagement. 

3. Enjoy Seasonal Flavors Without Derailing Health

Tasting wine and cookies they made for Christmas Source:Getty

Enjoy Seasonal Flavors Without Derailing Health


What You Need to Know:


Staying healthy during the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the parties and celebrations. Indulging in your favorite seasonal flavors a little won’t hurt—if you plan ahead for meals that are healthy, too.

The key is to be prepared for the three-month period that begins with Halloween treats and winds up with New Year’s festivities.

4. . Dallas Police Said “F—, We Got the Wrong Guy” After Brutalizing a Black Man

Aerial photo Downtown Dallas Texas on a blue sky circa 2023 summer heat wave Source:Getty

Dallas Police Said “F—, We Got the Wrong Guy” After Brutalizing a Black Man



What You Need to Know:


Silvester Hayes, a 27-year-old Black single father of four children, was pulled over on October 16, 2021, by Dallas Police then beaten and tasered after they mistook him for a domestic violence suspect with a similar name. 


According to a federal lawsuit Hayes filed last week against the city and multiple police officers, he was wrongly arrested after police realized their mistake. The arrest ultimately cost Hayes his home and his job.

5. Is it a Good Idea to Have a Roth 401(k)? Why It May Be Better Than a Roth IRA, For Some

401k Retirement plan Source:Getty

Is it a Good Idea to Have a Roth 401(k)? Why It May Be Better Than a Roth IRA, For Some




What You Need to Know:


Is it a good idea to have a Roth 401(k)?

Saving for retirement is important, and while the Roth IRA is a popular choice among experts, a Roth 401(k) may be a better option for many individuals. Here are three reasons why:

1. The employer match: If your employer offers a Roth 401(k) option, you may be missing out on employer matching contributions by solely relying on a Roth IRA. Most employers contribute between 3% to 6% of an individual’s salary to their 401(k) plan and matching contributions may be put into a pre-tax account or a Roth account.

2. The 401(k) loan option: A Roth 401(k) also offers a loan option that allows individuals to withdraw up to half of their account balance, including growth, as a loan to themselves. This is a better option than withdrawing funds from a Roth IRA because you can put the money back into your retirement savings, with a repayment timeframe of up to five years, and it accrues interest owed to yourself. If you withdraw from a Roth IRA, you are unable to put that money back beyond annual contribution limits.