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Sybil’s Birthday Shout Outs

April Ryan, 56

Michael Keaton, 72

Bob Newhart, 94

Claudette Colvin, 84 (civil rights activist – first person to resist bus segregation before Rosa Parks) 

Raquel Welch, 83

Kat Graham, 34 

Thomas Mikal Ford would have been 59 (Tommy on Martin who died in 2016)

Freddie Mercury would have been 77 (Lead singer of Queen who died in 1991)





1. Judge Rules Against DeSantis Effort to Disenfranchise Black Voters


Judge Rules Against DeSantis Effort to Disenfranchise Black Voters


What You Need to Know:


A Florida state judge ordered that state Congressional maps be redrawn because the map put forth by presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis diminished the voting power and influence of Black voters.  Judge J.Lee Marsh also ruled the map violated the Florida state Constitution. 


At the heart of the ruling is Florida Congressional District 5, once the district of African American Congressman Al Lawson. Last year, Governor DeSantis redrew the map, called a special legislative session and used his power to make sure that his version of the map was used to disenfranchise Black voters. The district of Democratic Congressman Al Lawson was carved up, putting his constituents in majority White conservative districts and putting Rep. Lawson out of a job in the U.S. House.

2. Black Labor Has Always Been Essential

Business, black woman and staff in a seminar, questions and learning with collaboration, opportunity and brainstorming. Group, teamwork and corporate training with ideas, planning and company growth Source:Getty

Black Labor Has Always Been Essential



What You Need to Know:


The first Monday in September is celebrated as Labor Day in the United States. Union leaders first proposed a day for honoring workers in the nineteenth century, and by the late 1880s, several states had adopted the holiday. Following the Pullman railroad strike in Illinois, it became a federal holiday in 1894, signed into law by President Grover Cleveland.


Black labor has always been a unique commodity in the United States. A few years ago, only essential workers were allowed to be on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the country stayed in motion while many of us sheltered in place. The What You Need to Know Newsletter wishes to enshrine into Labor Day all the countless Black workers considered “essential”- the healthcare, grocery store, public transit, educators, community leaders, sanitation, and other front-line workers who were doing more than just “earning a paycheck.” They were keeping the country afloat. 

3. What Women Should Know About High Blood Pressure

Black woman, nurse and caregiver for blood pressure, elderly care or healthcare on sofa at home. African female person or medical professional helping or monitoring old age patient in living room Source:Getty

What Women Should Know About High Blood Pressure


What You Need to Know:


About 11 million Americans with high blood pressure don’t know they have the condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This silent killer raises the likelihood of a heart attack, heart failure and stroke when not caught early enough or treated appropriately. The stakes might be even higher for women, who often don’t realize they’re at risk. Increase these risks even more for Black women; we develop high blood pressure earlier in life and have higher average blood pressures compared with our white counterparts.

4.  “Are You Going to Shoot Me”? Police Footage of Ta’Kiya Young Shooting Released

Closeup of police car lights during National Night Out Source:Getty

 “Are You Going to Shoot Me”? Police Footage of Ta’Kiya Young Shooting Released




What You Need to Know:


On August 31, “What You Need To Know” covered the story of 21-year-old Ta’kiya Young who was fatally shot in her car by a Blendon Township, Ohio police officer after being accused of shoplifting. Young was seven months pregnant with a baby girl who didn’t survive. 


According to Police Chief John Belford, officers were helping a driver who was locked out of her car outside a Kroger when a store employee told them about shoplifters who were fleeing. Young was parked in front of the store. She started her car, and an officer ordered her to get out. “Despite being ordered to get out of the car more than a dozen times, she refused to do so. The woman put the car in gear and accelerated forward…,” Belford said. An officer fired a single shot that ultimately killed Young and her unborn baby.

5. What to Look Out For During a Home Tour

Real estate agents shake hands with business clients and present current home purchases and rentals. The sales representative offers a house project. Close-up pictures Source:Getty

What to Look Out For During a Home Tour




What You Need to Know:


Buying a home for the first time is a momentous occasion. Once buyers have determined their budget and made their checklist of specific needs, it’s time to start house hunting. From the roof to the foundation, here are tips on what to look for during a home tour to avoid costly repairs or extra maintenance down the

On the outside
– Avoid paying through the roof: Replacing or repairing a roof can be a big expense. Check to see if shingles are missing or damaged.
– Pay attention to drainage: Be vigilant of any standing water around the house or on the lawn, which could be a red flag for flooding.
– Look at the gutters: Gutters play a vital role in keeping water out and preventing costly damage.