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J. Cole deserves far more credit than he receives and it still appears as if he’s not concerning himself with plumping up his ego and, instead, making music that means something. As he prepares his sixth studio album The Off-Season for a release next week, the North Carolina star dropped a new track “interlude” from the project, and fans on Twitter are talking it up.

As we reported earlier this week, it appears that Cole has enough songs in the tuck to drop twice in 2021 with The Fall-Off also expected to drop this year as well. But on May 14, The Off-Season will most definitely be in the mix and, according to Cole, this was a project that was years in the making.

On “interlude,” Cole delivers a trademark chip-on-shoulders verse that can and will be interpreted a million ways by folks like us in the media and by hopeful fans wanting to hear the message within the music.

From “interlude”:

I be comin’ in peace, but f*ck me

Best beware of the others

This sh*t deep, undercovers creep

This Southern heat make unbearable summers

Just last week, seen your mama weep

Crying ’cause she don’t wanna bury your brother

The blood leaks while thе EMTs

Gotta carry her baby like surrogate mothеrs

Woah, thank God we survived around where the terrorists hovered

Though traumatized, wouldn’t trade it for nothin’

Through hard times, it was there I discovered a hustle

And makin’ the best out the struggle

I kept grindin’ ’til this day, up a level

Respect mine, gotta stay out of trouble

‘Cause TEC-9s like the AR rebuttals

The verse also makes a cleverly written nod to the late Pimp C and Nipsey Hussle as well, along with some requisite sh*t talking at the end of the track.

Across Twitter, the reaction to “interlude” is still going up and we’ve got those reactions below.

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