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The Vince Staples Show On Netflix

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Vince Staples is back putting his personality on full display.

The Long Beach rapper has long had the personality that would naturally fit into the media space, so while we won’t get to see his hot takes and quips on a podcast, he will be taking his talents to the small screen.

Enter The Vince Staples Show, set to premiere on Netflix in just a few weeks.

Staples announced the show Jan. 16 by simply tweeting its title, which was then reposted and copied with a quote tweet by the official Netflix account, which was all we needed to know about the two cooking something up.

Today, the trailer dropped, and it appears to have the same brilliant commentary and random hilariousness displayed during Staples’ interviews.

The trailer shows a nothing-but-hectic day in Staples’ life as his girlfriend asks him how his day has been. He doesn’t give her a thoughtful answer. Still, the shot then switches to him being seen with a grubby uncle asking him for money, getting his ass kicked by an amusement park mascot, finding himself in a vault, bailing a homie out of jail, getting yelled at in his local chicken spot, and a random lemon pepper-fueled encounter with Rick Ross.

He even hilariously gets recognized by a bank robber who can’t help but sing his single “Magic” while committing the heist.

“Y’all know who the f-ck this is? These motherf-ckers ain’t got no taste. Culture yourselves,” the robber says.

The full-length show stems from his original YouTube shows from 2019, which similarly follow Staples getting into adventures all around his hometown, featuring a cameo from Ray J.

The Vince Staples Show debuts on Netflix Feb. 15.

Social media is just as hype about Staples getting a show, see the reactions below.

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